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Our Project for Transat


Note: Here is a part of our vision and our plan if we acquire Transat:
Transat is unique. Transat makes us dream. More than others, Transat is part of the dreams of Quebecois and Canadians.
Transat also helps you achieve your dreams! Transat flies you, lodges you, makes you discover, then takes you back home safely.
The South: the ocean, the palm trees. Europe: Paris, London, Athens
Transat is also a cumulative total of 30 million employee-days and 100 million passengers already.
Transat , or Transat squared... it's dynamic and positive!
Our plan is to acquire and privatize Transat A.T., with partners which are, among others, local institutions that manage your pension funds.
The FNC Team will support Transat's management to correct profitability, accelerate growth and increase value. Transat   will flourish in transportation, travel and as a hotel operator.
This is a new planned takeoff for Transat , its shareholders, management, employees, suppliers and customers!




" If we do acquire Transat

  I promise you 

  That I will be devoted to Transat .

  I will manage it as an entrepreneur

  And with all my creativity

  And those of the 5 000 Transatiens

  Transat   will make you dream even higher!"

  Dominik Pigeon, President



DP photo 2019 (small)_edited.png


" Ne laissons pas partir ce hibou

  Dans la gueule du loup

  À un prix sans-le-sou

  Levons-nous! "

  Dominik Pigeon, 20190518

" Par gaieté et par devoir
  Le pigeon déguisé en guépard
  Protègera le hibou contre le loup
  Ainsi que la troupe de Guérard
  Vous allez voir! 

  Dominik Pigeon, 20190531




I want to share some information with the current shareholders of Transat. They are Quebecers and Canadians, managers and employees, our own pension funds and perhaps family and friends as well. I believe that Transat is worth more than what the other two contenders have offered to shareholders.

Bank financial analysts and the market have underestimated our airline companies significantly. The times have changed. Over the last decades the price of the plane ticket has fallen dramatically relative to people's purchasing power. Communications have exploded. Immigration is more present. Most of us want to travel more, more often, farther and longer. I have the capacity and a very good team to value Transat, but especially to take good care of it and to make it grow in time with those who will accompany us. We combine more than 70 years of experience in the airline industry. And when you commit for 10 to 20 years, the initial price is not the most important element. Employees and customers count for more!

Considering two visible parties already interested but who still have not made a formal offer without significant conditions including Air Canada (in content after all and having been entitled to privileged information for a very long time on an exclusive basis and other advantages in exchange of a conservative floor price of $ 13 very early in the process, slowing down other groups) and Groupe Mach (with or without investors like the Saputo or others) as well as other potentially interested groups such as Mr. Péladeau or the firms Claridge (Bronfman) and Sagard (Desmarais), I have informed my group that according to my presentiment this potentially historical transaction shall not be done under 18 dollars a share.

FNC Capital is working to produce a friendly offer to the board of Transat and its shareholders, and now considers a price range between $ 17 and $ 20 a share, and possibly more eventually.

We are confident and I am equipped to deal with the music at the operational level. I will not be able to answer all questions of all journalists nor accept all invitations unfortunately. I will not reveal the members of my team, not to be weaken against other groups. Let's not look for a finality already, it will come gradually until  September. This will most likely be a hard and long contest, far more fought than what people currently expect.

I am announcing that I will be there until the end.

Dominik Pigeon
FNC Capital

Note: All content and information from this website, including the letters and any comments or links, cannot and shall not be considered, perceived nor interpreted as an investment nor a financial advice. Investors should consider other sources of information and must consult their financial advisor before making any investment, as it represents multiple risks. FNC Capital cannot guarantee that such information will be accurate, complete and current at all times.

More to come



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Transat was created in Quebec in the beautiful 80s when the traveling was gaining momentum. The founders realized their vision and probably much more. The foundations of this success also emerged from the great 60s and 70s when Quebecers dreamed and built a strong and ambitious Montreal.

Our parents and grandparents have built today's prestigious downtown office towers (Place Ville-Marie, CIBC Tower, Complexe Desjardins, and many others), bridges and tunnels in Montreal (Champlain, Ville-Marie, Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine) and our impressive subway.

They also opened Québec to the world with Expo 1967 and the 1976 Summer Olympics.

Here are some songs that have marked this beautiful era which still serves us today as a springboard. Take the time to listen to their words ... they still speak to us. Thanks to them.

A bit of history


Why was the stock price capped at $ 8.25 for a few days following the initial announcement by Transat? Who sold that many shares at $ 8.25 only ??? 
(DP 20190501)
Why National Bank, Transat's current lead banker, also applies the 41-day exclusivity period between Transat and Air Canada, suspending talks with other parties ??? (DP 20190520)
Why did the Air Canada shares appreciate by 25% in the first half of May, before the potential public announcement by AC on May 16, when its stock was down slightly in April and analysts didn't barely change their forecasts? Would the market understand that Transat + Air Canada be much much more profitable? And if yes why?          (DP 20190526)
More to Come
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